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Ag-Nano System LLC, a global provider of technology-enabled electronics solutions, uses electrodeposition to create a gold-like plating on items using patented silver nanoparticle technology. With over 25 years of expertise and experience in nanomaterials, Ag-Nano System LLC provides high-quality products at lower prices than other metals. US PATENT   granted to the company recently covers the technology for electroplating golden silver nanoparticles. Electroplated goods are used in electronic components,MICROCHIPS, connections, pin connectors, or integrated circuitry for electronic equipment or other hardware systems.
Huge use in in JEWELRY for decorative finishes.
Ag-Nano System LLC manufacture also their own silver nanoparticles and Antiseptic Colloidal Nano Silver ACNS1323 

Ag Nano System LLC


Golden Silver NanoPlating 

Golden Silver Nano Plating


Golden Silver NanoPlating 

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